Monday, September 21, 2015


I like the idea of the characters in League of Legends having a variety of simple and complex relationships that come out as subtle interactions in the game, but it could go so much further to immerse players in the story side of Summoner's Rift and the world of Runeterra:

  • The easiest and most obvious addition would be to patch in more audio interacctions between characters. EX. Garen & Katarina could flirt (with deadly intent) when near each other and could have unique taunts when the other dies. "I love to watch you spin."
  • Costumes and other optional stuff to pair them up visually. EX. If Garen gets a skin that depicts him as a super hero, give Katarina a matching super heroine or, even better, supper villainess skin.
  • We need more flavor pieces to read and more videos to watch to get us into the currently disjointed story. EX. Instead of just having Gangplank not be dead, try to give us a little less narrative dissonance.
What do you guys think?

I both love and hate Mario Maker. I love building stages and playing creative stages. On the flipside, I hate not having as much control as I would like when building stages and playing lazy or broken-difficult levels. Have you played any cool levels this week?

Zelda has some of the best video game music.

That is all.

Wanna fight me on it?

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