Wednesday, August 12, 2015


"When I am herd the TV lady am say vaxeem cause the autismus I am taking it away from babble and am write angry post on my Myspace and Tumblers about am protect bibbles from mercuries cuz I am good Mother!"

You'll understand after you watch the video.

You see bald midget, Blue Hair McUseless and Goku's son have to go to Pickle monster's home planet to find the magical wish rocks to bring Goku's friends back to life, while they train with a cricket and a monkey and Goku is in the hospital after King Kong crushed him. So, Goku's son and bald midget run into Vegetable and he agrees to work with them to find the dragon testicles. They get beat up by a dance troupe and Goku shows up to save the day but he gets body-swapped with a purple guy and beaten up bad so he has to heal. Purple guy is now a frog. While Vegetable takes a nap, Goku's son and bald midget summon the dragon and wish back Pickle Monster.

Freezer shows up and is not happy they stole his chaos emeralds. He proceeds to kill bald midget with his horns, after transforming into the devil, but bald midget is okay. Pickle man shows up to help after joining bodies with Tails, just in time to watch bald midget get blown up, but he is not okay. Then, Freezer becomes an alien beats up pickle monster. Then he takes on his ultra super ultimate mega final omega form and kills vegetable man. Goku shows up and becomes blond hair. He is now super man and beats up Freezer. Freeze kills pickle monsters planet and everybody has to leave. Goku tries to save Freezer but Freeezer betray him and Goku says "I am fed up with this world" and leaves Freezer to die.

Freezer comes back as a robot. Vegetable man's future son chops him up.

You'll understand after you watch the video.


You'll understand after you watch the video.

Enjoy and please try to understand.

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