Monday, July 27, 2015


When Duane and Brando reunited and combined their forces, I gotta say that it was a bit of awesome news in the world of video game parody/fan music. Their rhymes always deliver a combination of slick lyrics and silly humor-- in other words, there is a lot of potty humor but it is delivered with a scamp-like quality and aplomb that sets it a cut above the rest.

And, adding in brentalfloss? That's a frickin' cherry on top!

In a beautiful and haunting bit of magic (pun intended), Falconshield has broken new ground with a video sponsored by Wizards of the Coast to promote the new Magic Origins game (free to play on iOS devices and coming to Steam, XboxOne and PS4 soon). It seems to try and capture the emotional moment of Chandra Nalaar's spark igniting-- from the anguish of her loss to the thrilling feeling of freedom that comes becoming a planeswalker.

It is a beautiful video and really has me pumped to play the game when it comes out on Steam!

Oh, yeah, and brentalfloss dropped a new single this week about the hazards that befall the infant racers in Mario Kart. #babydeath

That's not a Jesus. That's a jedi!

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