Thursday, June 18, 2015


bauble [baw-buhl]
1. A showy, usually cheap, ornament; trinket; gewgaw.

EX. Amiibos are curious baubles. But I can't stop collecting them:

And, apparently from the fact that Nintendo announced that every Smash character will get an Amiibo alongside Amiibo support being paired with most Nintendo first party titles, other Nintendo fans can't stop collecting them either. I mean, look at this release calendar:

And so, with E3's Nintendo coverage appearing to be kaput (except for a possible surprise or two tomorrow), I want to talk about my top ten dream amiibo...sets! This list is a mess but bare with me for there are some sweet ideas here!

#10 Indie characters like Shovel Knight!

Shovel Knight will probably never get into Smash or get an Amiibo, but a man can dream!

#9 Prof. Layton and Phoenix Wright

The great lawyer and detectives are third party characters but, considering that they already have full length feature films attributed to them, their popularity makes their immortality in plastic seem inevitable.

#8 Dixie Kong and other Kongs

 Why not release all the Kong Family alongside a spiritual sequel to Donkey Kong 64?

#7 Master Hand and Crazy Hand

Why not have the villains from Smash unlock a new difficulty?

#6 Consoles and Controllers

Weird choice? I don't think so. Especially if it unlocked a game or two or something? Maybe a menu theme? Shrug.

#5 Midna, Groose and other Zelda NPCs

I realize that you nerds have your own Zelda games. Mine are Link to the Past, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Deal with it.

#4 Tanuki Suit, Cape, and other power-up Marios

Not sure what these guys would be used for... but they would be really cute.

#3 Birdo, Koopalings, Goombas, Koopas, etc.

They should make a game about Bowser's minions trying to save Bowser or make him a birthday cake or steal Princes Peach.

#2 Red, Blue, Professor Oak and other Pokemon NPCs

Um... they could make like a Pokemon Party or Board Game? I dunno, but I need OAK!

#1 Every Pokemon.

This is also my nightmare. Like this would and will cause the downfall of civilization. There are over 700 Pokemon left to make into Amiibos. At $13 per figure, that would come out to $9,100 and that's without all the scalpers ruining everyone's day!

Gotta catch 'em all. And go bankrupt.

Who did I forget? I got "nana" idea and think it would be a "popo" waste of time to try and figure-- ICE CLIMBERS! I FORGOT THE ICE CLIMBERS!

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