Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I dunno about you geeks, but I'm gonna go see The Avengers: Age of Ultron tomorrow.

The first film was, probably, the biggest franchise game changer since the original Star Wars trilogy by turning the Marvel movie franchise into a few somewhat connected okay to good movies to a legitimate film fandom juggernaut that has spun off into even more films, tv series, and every other studio in Hollywood began stampeding to be the next big success since Marvel combined with Disney's media monopoly monster.

This means that Marvel has a lot riding on this sequel. So far, they haven't really stumbled since the Avengers with success after success, and that means they've got a lot to lose. They'll probably still break all the box office records and secure a very super hero Hollywood for a few more years until people get burned out on it.

Or not!

 Personally, I don't think super heroes or super hero moves have to get old because of the level of different subgenre and genre hybridization that the medium of super heroes allows and has allowed over decade after decade of comics.

Then again, while "true believers" and other comic fans don't sway in their excitement for every super hero movie on the horizon, the general public doesn't have the same taste.

So, if you want to keep seeing the super hero hype train for for another decade, join me and the rest of the world in celebrating the sequel to the original Avengers film.

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