Friday, January 9, 2015

WORD OF THE DAY! 1/9/15!

genesis [jen-uh-seez]
1. An origin, creation, or beginning.

EX. The creation story and complimentary lore of J R R Tolkein's Middle Earth universe is an interesting read from genesis to prophecy.

After watching the last Hobbit film in the trilogy (and no, of course we didn't need a trilogy of Hobbit films but money and ego often overtake common sense), the Battle of Five Armies and having spent the last couple of weeks playing Shadow of Mordor, my friends and I have been spent a good bit of time talking about all the lore. In fact, the meal we had after the Battle of Five Armies was spent with feverish debate, discussion, and lecture about the books and intent of Tolkein's works in comparison to the film.

On a small side note, I would happily pay ten bucks to spend three hours in Peter Jackson's Middle Earth any day BUT I did feel Battle of Five Armies was the weakest film of the far weaker trilogy in the Lord of the Rings film canon. Let me expand the side note to point out the following strong-suits and issues: Thorin's story was much better fleshed out and there were a lot of great action moments but cartoonish CG and character designs, terrible writing and cliche dialogue, and a severely lackluster "Battle of Five Armies" really disappointed me. The worst part of the film, hands down, was the inclusion of the Master of Laketown's assistant Alfrid Lickspittle.

Alfrid Lickspittle is worse than Jar Jar Binks. I think he has more scenes and dialogue than any other character AND he is a one-note wiener that made the audience audibly groan every time he showed up on screen.

Anyway, the Lord of the Rings lore stuff is actually pretty interesting, especially if you're into world-building and, iff you wanna see more of the art at the header of this brief article, check out the link below:


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