Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I wake up and pull out my phone. I've just finished sleeping for about four hours after an eight hour shift in the mines of Tahr-jeh, climbing up and down perilous ladders, taking boxes out of some holes and putting other boxes into some and other holes. The holiday spirit is upon us and the holiday spirit is oppressive. Glitter everywhere.

The Tricorn appears on my youtube subscription. Thank you Tricorn. Thank you.

I need to play another Assassin's Creed game, since I haven't played any of the games besides the first title, which was fairly innovative, and Brotherhood, which was silly fun, because I get two accounts from my fellow gamers:

1. The game is great. The co-op provides hours of fun, the story built since Blackflag is engaging, and the setting is cool.

2. The game is okay, except the fact that it is another glitchy unfinished Ubisoft game that fails to live up to the hype and was shoved out the door, with an embargo on reviews, to screw over the fans.

As for my feelings on the franchise, I wish they'd at least space out the sequels in the series or, at the very least, to allow themselves time to ship a complete game.

Oh, and as for the games I played in the series, they were fun but the gameplay was often teeth grindingly repetitive and the story was a mix of dull and confusing.

Sorry. Well, who am I apologizing to? Only like six people read these articles. I hate my millennial mid-twenties cynicism. Pout.

I wish they would reimagine my favorite shows in more creative ways, rather than simply toyifing my childhood nostalgia to turn into cheap pieces of plastic without regard for good writing, good character designs, or anything resembling creativity.

I would watch an HBO animated series.

On a similar note, check out Bojack Horseman on Netflix. It is a hoot and a half.

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