Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Falconshield puts out excellent content on a weekly basis that supplies with me plenty of music to listen to when I play League and I have been playing a lot of league lately. In fact, as I sit here typing on my new Razor Black Widow keyboard (loudly), I am excited to get back on the rift tonight and continue improving my ADC game so I can climb out of Bronze this season. Hopefully, I won't get dunked in the process.

P.S. Vi is still one of my favorite champs.

brentalfloss thinks Ocarina of Time is a flawed and overrated title that changed one of his favorite video game series for the worse. This is a fairly unpopular but growing more popular by the day opinion. Dave Bulmer is in the majority, though, and thinks Ocarina of Time is one of the best games, if not best, of all time.

I don't have a strong opinion on Ocarina but, I'll admit, it is the only Zelda game that I have never finished and I only got a few hours into it...

This is different. I like different.

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