Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WTF WED! Danny Sexbang, Sasquatch, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are... CRIME PATROL!

Last week's article was a little too intense. Let's take it easy this week with three funny and only mildly weird videos:

How about a sweet little piece of animation about a man and his relationship with the Sasquatch read by Danny Sexbang?


Go f*$% yourself.

I like it. I quit.

Sorry about that last description. I mean, whoo, that guy was clearly not having a good day. Let's give him a break and continue on. Wow? You really think that guy was being a jerk, huh? I would use that sort of language. It's okay. Let's keep going.

Crime Patrol is a full motion video game and, if Dunkey's latest video is to be believed, it is hilariously brutal.

Brutal. Like your opinion of the guy that told you to "go f*$% yourself" for not liking the Sasquatch animation. First of all, the video is great. Secondly, you don't know him. You don't know what kind of a day he was having. Everyone gets crabby sometimes. Third, you're the jerk now. Fourth, language like that is unforgivable even if someone else cusses at you first. And fifthly...

F#@$ YOU!

Wow. I'm so so sorry. We're going through a change in management right now so I'd like to apologize by giving you a complementary video:

This awesome gritty trailer for an Adventure Time movie reminds me of how most people are cluely to just how dark and twisted Pendleton Ward's show about a boy and his dog can be.

Twisted. Like you. Yeah. You. You twisted little pile of dog droppings. Don't act offended. You like it. You KNOW you like it. You would've stopped reading if you don't. Dirty, dirty reader! You can't even entertain yourself without pity clicking this guy's blog link on facebook. I bet you don't even get half of these references. What sort of a person would do this to themselves? F......


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