Monday, December 30, 2013


This is the game I was most excited to find under my Christmas tree. I had bought a Wii-U for cheap and there were two games I knew that I needed-- Super Mario 3D World and Windwaker HD. While I've been waiting a long time to play Windwaker, I'm more excited to play 3D World. After exposing my friends to the chaos that is New Super Mario Bros. Wii-U, I realize that four player 3D platforming would be the best gift I get could myself or my friends.

Also, the soundtrack is phenomenal.

An awesome song you'd love to hear played at your local tavern and a hilarious music video with all of the fixings of such an experience make for a winning combination. My favorite part is clearly the wizard.

Respect the beard.

Speaking of respect, Steve Irwin was a loving father, an inspiring activist and an amazing example of the human animal. He introduced a whole generation to animals and much of the world to Australia with his educational show. This is a guy that you can't look at without seeing someone who enjoys life so much and wants to share nature so much that he won't let a little thing like fear or pain get between him and the animals or the audience and the experience. Most people don't even realize how important his work was to creating awareness and his legacy will leave a huge impact on conservation in Australia for years to come.

The world needs more "Crocodile Hunters" and less Swam People. That's all I'm saying.

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