Monday, July 29, 2013



First up this week, I present the newest single from videogamedunkey, his play-through of the internet's RPG hit, Kanye Quest. The game explores the world of one of the most prominent artists of the last decade by transporting him into a stereotypical JRPG-styled experience filled with other prominent figures and in-jokes related to his career and the genre of popular rap music. Dunkey puts his own twist on the experience with his commentary and even a few jams of his own for a ride that, if you're like me, is well worth the price of admission for your ears and eyeballs.

If you're curious, a couple of downloads is all you need to play Kanye Quest for Free (CLICK HERE).

This week is gonna have a couple of shout-outs to the Game Grumps and Steam Train. It took a couple of weeks, but I finally feel like their chemistry is really working out to create some beautiful grump moments. This particular single was improvised during a play-through of Civilization 5: Brave New World that probably contributed to my recent acquisition of Civ 5.

And last I wanna share some Duane & BrandO, a powerhouse of a video game music remix genius that I've shared before and will probably share again. Not much to be said but when you combine pithy lyrics with bitchin' remixes of classic video game music, you get something that is a real Tour de force.

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