Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/19/12.

glitch [glich]
1. A defect or malfunction in a machine or plan.
2. Computers . Any error, malfunction, or problem
3. A brief or sudden interruption or surge in voltage in an electric circuit.
verb (used with object) 
 4. To cause an error or malfunction.

EX. I think many of you know the name of the entity I wish to discuss today. To find it, in Pokemon Red & Blue, you must merely talk to the old man of Viridian City. Allow him to demonstrate how to catch a pokemon, although by the time you do this glitch, you already know how. Immediately, after the old man finishes, fly to Cinnabar Island. From here, surf up along the eastern coast of island where wild pokemon will appear. Based on the digits in your name, a different glitch will occur, but a result that is the same; you will find a Missingno.

It might be in the form of a ghost, a skeleton, a pixelated mess or it might-even look like a normal pokemon, but the results are always an anomaly. You can exploit Missigno no to do another glitch to multiply your items, and even your Masterballs can be increased to 128; but, there is a cost for such insane greed.

Keep a "Missingno." long enough and his data will corrupt your file, messing up the images of your pokemon, and messing up your stats and the like. Eventually, you will be forced to overwrite the file and start again, but that doesn't chance the fact that a digital entity just did something horrific. It didn't just cause a small mishap or a run-time error, it stole dozens of hours of your life, hours you will never get back.

What if for every hour it steals, the Pokemon that shouldn't exist only gets stronger? What if it isn't just an error at all, what if it is an elder god, long lost to another dimension, using each corruption to pull itself into our plane of existence? What if "Missingno." is actually the greatest threat to the multi-verse?

That is basically the premise of one of Linkara's most recently resolve storylines that you can see play out starting with the episode "Captain America Vs. The Athsma Monster" and resolving with "Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu."

"I am the Voiceless, the Never-Should, the Beautiful Horror. I am error, I am glitch, I am all things wonderful and terrible and everything between. I. Am. Missing." - The Entity.

"Beneath the seas, besides the flame,
Off the coast where the lost beast came,
To bring the world misery and shame,
A piece of the world is missing.
The path you should have never crossed,
The Beast exacts a heavy cost,
The number of the Beast is lost,
You will know it by its hissing.
The bones from hell you cannot tame,
Devour your life and all your fame,
That is the price to play its game,
And all while you're reminiscing." -Linkara's Missingno Poem 

There are less apocalyptic theories, as well.

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