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11 Specific Reasons I Love Call of Duty 11-7
(Note: I decided to leave any specific game off the list, otherwise COD 4 would probably be #1)

11. BIG AND COLD: World War II and the Cold War
There are 12 games in the Call of Duty series. The first 6 games were all set in World War II followed up by World at War and then, finally, we got a Cold War game last year with Black Ops. The first one I played was Call of Duty 2 and I was impressed from mission one with Battle of Normanndy which has you scaling cliffs and taking out German gunners. This was my first taste of shooting my way through history.

Yet, I believe that the first 6 games were lacking. Yes, they were all trying to be fairly accurate but it wasn't until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that the series became known for its cinematic scope and from that moment on things were never the same. 

In World at War, you got to fight on both fronts of the war for the allies, as an American in the Pacific and a Soviet taking Berlin. The cinematic portrayal of that game gave us moments where we were forced to accept the unacceptable. In one scene, with Reznov, which I'll explain at number 7, the series continues the trend of incredible heart wrenching moments that began in COD 4. 

Black Ops came out last year and was a little bit more speculative. You played a Black Ops Special Agent in a race to kill Castro, escape Soviet prison, stop an assassination plot and nuclear attack by the Russians and  were exposed to years of Cold War history. From the jungles of Vietnam to the rooftops of Hong Kong to the Pentagon, you take a wild trip that turns history into a heart-pumping tale of suspense and action.

10. NOOBS ON THE TOOBS: Black Ops' "There's a Soldier in All of Us" Trailer

9. CHNK! SHTK! CHNK!: COD 4's: Blue Tiger Camouflage W1200 Shotgun
The name of the game was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It entered a dangerous world of World War II shooters and Halo in a way that would change modern first person shooters forever. The most popular guns in the game were probably the assault rifles like the M4 and the M16. My favorite gun?

To say I love shooting the W1200 in COD 4 is an understatement. Shooting no other weapon gives me the visceral satisfaction that this weapon does. Everything from the look of the urban blue camo to the sound of the end of my gun blowing someone's face away to the sound of me pushing bullets into this pump-action monster.

Slap on some sneaky perks, stopping power, and I could kill anyone guaranteed in 2 hits. This was the perfect weapon for sniper hunting and one of my favorite moments of using the gun was when I routed the enemy team on The Bloc and I could hear the enemy shouting at each other about allowing me to just destroy them.

To the philistines out there who believe COD is 1-Dimensional...I ask you to turn your eyeballs to the picture above. Call of Duty: Black Ops lets you fight a zombie horde from the Pentagon as JFK, Castro and Nixon alongside up to three of your friends. If you can honestly sit there with a straight face and tell me that such an insane concept is not one of the coolest ideas you have ever heard....I just do not even know what to do about that.World at War introduced the first modern COD co-op mode, with Zombie Mode (cuz Nazi zombies are fun to kill) and Modern Warfare 2 introduced Spec-Ops mode, where you work toward objectives in special missions.These missions range from sneaking around and sniping the enemy without getting caught to racing snow mobiles down a mountainside. 

Call of Duty brings some of the biggest bang for your buck out of any shooter on the market and that's why its king, baby.

This World War II Russian badass drags your ass through Europe in World at War. Every word he says is with purest passion, from joy to rage, and this insane passion forces you to perform the first act of war-time inhumanity in the series. 

During the capture of Berlin, he corners some German prisoners and gives you two options: 1. Shoot them with your machine gun or 2. He will burn them alive with a molotov cocktail. This moment has stuck with me for years to come and took a very modern look at the way the Fall of Berlin went down.

Reznov is an unkillable bastard and though it seemed like his story finally ended in Black Ops, I wouldn't be surprised if he came back for another round down the road.

1-6 Coming Later This Week...

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