Monday, October 19, 2015


Ezreal is one of the most iconic League of Legends characters: his combination of abilities and style make him a rather fun take on the magic rogue archetype and his flexible nature means he has seen a fair bit of play at all levels of skill. That and he has a fantastic generic anime hero voice. So I like that.

Next up is the latest official Starbomb music video and it is a sequel to the BEST Zeld Rap EVER!!

And this seems like a good time to discuss an exciting game rumor: the newest Zelda game teased for the Wii-U has most likely been delayed to be a release title for the next Nintendo console (to be announced at next year's E3) and that has led to many wondering if maybe, just maybe, another Zelda game is due to get an HD remake. Specifically, Twilight Princess. And, while TLoZTP is apparently not regarded as a favorite title in the series, I'm gonna blow some mind and admit that I still haven't beaten Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask or even Wind Waker. But I have played and beaten Twilight Princess three times on Wii. It is my favorite 3D Zelda and, honestly, I could dive into all the reasons but I should probably save the full write-up for later, but here a summary of my feels:

Twilight Princess is the best controlled 3D Zelda game with interesting characters, dark mysteries to solve, and a lot of cool mechanics/puzzles that make it my favorite game in the series to go back and play (besides Link to the Past). And my favorite Zelda character, after Groose, is Midna.


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