Monday, September 14, 2015


Have you heard about Pokemon Go? I should do an article about that this week, yeah? I mean, you can google it, if you can't wait. I don't mind. But this blog is about news, opinion and entertainment, so you'll miss out on the latter. Anywho...

As I will say every time I share music from the Pokemon games, the soundtrack for the series is one of the least appreciated video game soundtracks. Junichi Masuda, who was the composer for the first few games, also created the "cries" of the original 150 Pokemon. Masuda was also the direct of Ruby and Sapphire and now serves on Game Freak's board of directors and has served as a composer, director and/or producer for every Pokemon game. Cool, right?

I have never read a Hemingway book, but I have been told we share a manly likeness. I feel like he is missing a cigar and a glass of scotch in this photo.

I love Teen Titans. I especially love CN's Teen Titans the Animated Series.

Something about the idea of a teenage super hero team, something about the art style, something about the comedy, something about the voice acting and definitely something about the writing of this often zany and often epic animated show really stuck with me. It got canned when it was at the peak of its game and deserved better.

I dunno about Teen Titans Go. It is kind of hard to spin-off a zany looney tunes show from a show that involved demonic apocalypses, implied underage abusive and sexual relationship between a villain and hero, and the doom patrol (seriously, the doom patrol is dark). Then again, anime does it too...

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