Monday, May 4, 2015


Weird Al is a treasure. His latest Grammy award winning (who cares, it's awesome regardless of recognition), Mandatory Fun, was a hilarious and refreshing bit of old school satire in a pop music scene that is a-changing.

To quote the Simpsons, "he who tires of Weird Al, tires of life".

Speaking of parody and comedy albums, the video game themed albums of Starbomb are a real delight and all of the fan music videos? They add so much to my enjoyment of the stories and scenes spun by Danny, Arin, and Brian.

I wonder what the next Starbomb album will be about?

I find these amusing but...

...I've never smoked weed. In fact, I believe I've never even seen marijuana, in any form, in person. I don't exactly avoid people who smoke as a rule. It is hard to do so. I'm a young man in his 20's and, despite the fact I don't really use any substances besides caffeine (via soda and chocolate), I don't particularly have a problem with responsible (and legal) use of marijuana...


... I like the funny edits.

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