Monday, February 9, 2015


I have been playing three games regularly since Christmas ('sides Shadow of Mordor):

Pokemon Omega Ruby is a fantastic remake that takes a classic 2D portable game and gives it a 3D makeover that implements all of the improvements to the series formula that have come about in the last decade. But... reminded how much I absolutely HATE HM moves as a game mechanic. They slow you down, they can't be overwritten, and they often have little use in competitive or even just game combat in general. There is too much Surfing in Omega Ruby. Even with the Sharpedo ability to increase your speed.

On the upside, I did a Wonderlocke challenge after failing my Nuzlocke Challenge and I am trying to overcome the Elite Four with my team including a Sandslash, Pidgeot, Seaking, Piloswine, Hariyama and Sableye.

And of course I have been playing tons of Smash Bros and I'm currently waiting for Mewtwo's release, Mario Kart 8's second DLC release, and my cards & my soundtrack in the mail from Nintendo's generous company.

Oh. And a lot of us Nintendo fans are irritated with Nintendo making it difficult for us to get collectible Amiibos and limited editions of their games/consoles.

For a simple summary of that feeling: Trailer Drake's Nintendo Rant

I don't feel like ranting right now, but shall should cover it.

And of course I have been playing at least a game of League of Legends every day and I'm, once again, stuck in ELO hell.

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