Monday, December 22, 2014


I actually got the 5th Edition Player's Handbook (two of them by accident) for Christmas and I gotta say, after playing the system from Level 1 to Level 6 that it is a pretty decent little system that blend mechanics from 3rd and 4th editions and incorporates in some nice improvements/innovations that make the game feel like classic D & D but less convoluted than 4th edition's more video game like mechanics.

On the other hand, here are spoony's opinions which range from profound to whiny-- because that is how all nerd opinions go. Or have you not been reading my blog?

Look. Hey. At least is not the actual Star Wars Christmas Special? Right!? RIGHT!?!

For my friend's Christmas get-together this year we exchanged gifts and played Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U. As per usual, things got a little salty, people cursed loudly and let out cries of agony as they were mother f***ing smashed and feelings were hurt. But, after a trip to Dairy Queen and a few rounds of Ultimate Werewolf, we remembered the true meaning of Christmas.

All Villagers are a**holes.

 This year my Mother put up three Christmas trees:

Our usual Christmas tree with all of our ornaments (of which I am especially fond of the Disney ornaments but my favorite is probably the Greedo & Han Solo Cantina Scene Diorama), a patriotic red, white, and blue tree and a snowman tree.

The trees are taking over.

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