Monday, November 3, 2014


I wish we could let it go. But it won't be so. Because, as long as people keep coming up with brilliant and funny send-ups of Disney's billion dollar money-printing juggernaut that will spawn countless amounts of media and merchandise (trust me, I work in retail, they will be selling Frozen merch for years), people will be assaulted by the film and have a flight, fight or create parody response.

Creating a parody responses don't work as well against monsters as fight or flight.

As for this specific video, it is perfect. I've been watching a lot of Oney's video's lately, like on his new Let's Play channel, but it is Pebbles contribution that hits this puppy over the head with a shovel, ties him up in a sack, and throws him into the river.

Everyone betray me. I fed up with this world.

But seriously, The Room is STILL the best worst film (sorry, Troll 2).

Haha! Oh sport! How I am a fan of you!

But in all seriousness, this is a cool piece of animation.

Also, I simultaneously find myself bored and amused at the same time by sports nerd crap like whether or not LeBron James and the concept of fan loyalty or whatever.

This is serious people. Pickle dog serious.

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