Thursday, July 10, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 7/10/14!

sequelitis [see-kwel-ahy-tis]
1. The tendency of a well-received work to spawn sequels and spin-offs, with, more often than not, increasingly inferior results.

EX. Egoraptor has opinions. Some of his opinions in the Sequelitis Series come off as the rantings of a biased critic complaining that modern games aren't the same as the games he grew up with as a kid.

After all, he has a tendency to not appreciate the competent elements of a game that he doesn't like and write off entire series or even genres if they don't fit into his cookie cutter definition of "good games" (which only include broken NES games and circle-jerking indie games that are "cool" to like). On the other hand, he has some pretty decent insights into game design that come from taking a critical eye past the surface elements (this game sucks) to the mechanic and design decisions that make a game (this game sucks because...). This means his videos are worth watching for some good points about how sequels tend to constantly recycle design elements from the previous titles in the series, to the point where those design elements are inbred and unnecessary, and basically how game designers often sacrifice good design for making sure the game hits all of the notes that the audience expects. This sequelitis can either lead to fatigue, even if the sequels are somewhat well-designed (looking at you Assassin's Creed), or quickly become a broken series (Sonic the Hedgehog).

Ultimately, while Sequelitis is a good series, just be weary that Egoraptor is the sort of gamer that doesn't like any amount of tutorials (leading to some frustrating experiences for his Let's Play audience when he blames a game for being "poorly designed" instead of blaming himself for being too lazy to pay attention when the game tells him how to do something) and just expects every game to be designed to teach you play like Mega Man X without appreciating that, as games become more complex than X, tutorials are sometimes necessary.

If I'm just ranting, I apologize. You can thank Ego (or my own ego) for my pontification.

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